Working with professional photographers and videographers, each of whom have a keen appreciation and love of Japan’s unique cycling culture, the Embassy can provide all your cycling related media needs.

Whether you require photographs for a magazine article, presentation or media campaign or video for a documentary, news report or film The Cycling Embassy of Japan can provide both professional photography and videography services. Our experienced team know cycling in Japan, they know the places, times and people to shoot and this local knowledge is guaranteed to save time and money while producing the best possible results.

Why go to the expense of sending a photographer or crew to Japan when the Embassy has experienced professionals on the ground already?



The Cycling Embassy of Japan provides Urban Design, Architecture and Cycling Infrastructure Tours in Tokyo and Yokohama for students, urban planners and visitors with an interest in these areas.

Our half for full day tours take in the best and worst of each city’s cycling infrastructure, visits architecturally significant buildings and developments while comparing and contrasting new and old neighbourhoods demonstrating that planned development may not always yield the most liveable results.

Routes are not set in stone and can be customised to each parties interests and as it’s a cycling tour we have the freedom to stop and even change course on a whim. Our tours are led by long term, bilingual, residents of Japan with in depth knowledge of cycling in their respective cities. They live their cities and are eager to share their experience with you.

We can guarantee you’ll experience more of city life from a day in the saddle than a week of observing it from behind glass as you rush through by train.



The Cycling Embassy of Japan welcomes opportunities to make informative and well researched presentations on all aspects of cycling in Tokyo and around Japan at international conferences and events or even your local cycling club or workplace. We believe that the world can learn much from Japan where literally everyone is a cyclist despite the lack of cycling infrastructure and conversely when presenting to Japanese audiences we believe there is much knowledge from overseas we can share.

The Cycling Embassy of Japan is a facilitator of knowledge sharing between Japan and the world, and making keynotes and presentations is just one way we disseminate information.



The Cycling Embassy of Japan is built on a foundation of local and international knowledge accumulated over the course of decades of not only cycling in Japan and overseas, but also from studying people, cities and in particular how people interact with each other and their urban environments. It is access to this in depth knowledge of both local conditions and international best practices that the Embassy offers to our consulting partners.

Our experienced bilingual consultants can assist you in a myriad of ways. Be it by providing access to the latest facts and figures about cycling in Japan in English, or advising companies on how encouraging bicycle commuting can reduce costs and result in a happier more productive workforce before assisting them in implementing complete bike to work policies, or assisting you with a product launch or marketing here in Japan, the Cycling Embassy of Japan has the knowledge and the connections to help.



Just like our consultants, guides and photographers, the graphic designers and artists at the Cycling Embassy of Japan are keen to use their skills and knowledge to assist with cycling related projects. Be it an event homepage, posters, flyers, leaflets or a complete brand image the Cycling Embassy of Japan is here to help.



With extensive connections to urban planners, advocates, politicians, the cycling industry and cyclists themselves both overseas and on home soil The Cycling Embassy of Japan is in a unique position to connect the right people to the right people.

Connecting people with great products and ideas to people who are in positions that can facilitate change is just one way that the Embassy is helping to advance the cause of cyclists and can advance your cause too.