What is the FIREFLY RIDE?

The FIREFLY RIDE is the predominant illuminated cycling event of the year.

It's a friendly ride at which participants can enjoy decorating their bicycles with lights and sound and in the evening ride the summer night streets of Tokyo. Prizes will be awarded for the best decorated bicycles and riders.

A grand spectacle of colour, light and sound, featuring bicycles of every type imaginable, the Firefly Ride aims to promote the fun, friendly and social side of cycling.

The starting location for this event will be at the Harajuku Gate of Yoyogi Park. Meeting time is 3pm at Yoyogi park and we will end with fireworks at 6pm.
Yoyogi Park Harajuku Gate

For those who want to have some space to put their lights on their bikes please visit Studio C where we will have an “Open Garage” in the afternoon (around 1pm) for you to make your bicycle shine.
Studio C

To let us know you want to join the Firefly Ride visit our event page on Facebook


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