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What is the FIREFLY RIDE?

The FIREFLY RIDE is the predominant illuminated cycling event of the year.

It's a friendly ride at which participants can enjoy decorating their bicycles with lights and sound and in the evening ride the streets of Tokyo. This grand spectacle of light and motion invites all types of bicycles imaginable. The Firefly Ride aims to promote the fun, friendly and social side of cycling.

Join us early to help decorate your bicycle!
Meeting time starts at 3pm but the ride starts at 5pm.

November 22nd

Backup Date: November 23rd

To let us know you want to join the
Firefly Ride visit our event page on Facebook

Light Jacket



According to the latest forecast it looks like it will be a nice evening for a bike ride but remember to bring a jacket just in case it gets chilly once the sun goes down. (high of 19℃ and a low of 9℃)

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We would like to go over our COVID-19 preparations and requirements:

Be aware that the Firefly Ride is a group ride and is open to anyone who shows up. We will be outside the whole time and ask people not to get too close to each other.


High Temp?
Don’t Join

If you are planning on joining the ride or decorating your bike with us please check your temperature Sunday morning and if you have an abnormally high temperature (around 37.5c), do not join us and stay home and get better.

Mask it up!

We will be wearing masks at all times. However we will leave it up to you if you want to wear it while cycling. Any time we are close enough to talk to each other, please put on your mask.

Post-ride celebrations

There is no planned post-ride party this year. Sorry…

As always we ask that you stay safe and healthy, outdoor activities are good for the body and mind but also come with some risk, by joining the ride you understand that the risk is your call and things can happen outside our control.


Simple steps for making a spectacle

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