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Firefly Do-It-Yourself Guide

Simple steps for making a spectacle

What is the Firefly Ride?

The Firefly Ride is the predominant illuminated cycling event of the year.

It's a family friendly ride at which participants can enjoy decorating their bicycles with lights and sound and in the evening ride the summer night streets of Tokyo.

Prizes will be awarded for the best decorated bikes and riders.

A grand spectacle of color light and sound featuring bicycles of every type imaginable the firefly ride aims to promote the fun, friendly and social side of cycling.

Where do I begin?

First think of a theme, something that you like and try to sketch it out.

Maybe something from your favorite movie or animation or even a firefly itself.

If you need help drawing a bicycle, we provide some basic outlines of bicycles. You can find a bike that matches yours and start sketching out different ideas.


Illumination Goods

lights, batteries, and more

Next, think about the equipment that you might need to make your design a reality.

Here we also provide a variety of different products that you can purchase on Amazon or at your local electronics store.


Take care when attaching the lights to your bike, as you don't want to interfere with the mechanisms of the bike. Your top bar usually contains the wiring for your brakes and for your gears, if you attach anything too tight to the top bar it will interfere with the ability to brake or change gears both of which you don't want to mess with.

Also, working with electronics comes with the risk of getting electrocuted. Follow any warnings on the package and stay away from high voltages and water.


Adding a lot of external items can also interfere with your ability to operate your bicycle. We suggest practicing and making sure that you can ride well when you have your decorations on your bicycle.

Cover Yourself

Sometimes attaching things to your bicycle just doesn't work so we suggest illuminating yourself instead. Find a lighted safety vest with reflectors or make one yourself. The more DIY the better.

Share your skills

If you have special skills that other people can benefit from, please encourage others to get a hold of you and share your knowledge.


Family Fun

Remember, while we enjoy a party atmosphere, it's a family-friendly ride so make sure your stuff is appropriate and not too raunchy. But hey, above all have fun and I hope we can make a grand spectacle of ourselves and the amount of lights that we put on your bicycles.

See you at the Firefly Ride.