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Designing is Predicting

Urban design is primarily about predicting how users will respond to a created environment. These interactions are influenced by architecture, landscaping, environmental graphics, and street design and should provide users with a positive sensory experience. Yet, the built environment is usually designed over a long period of time by many different people with many different ideas and priorities, resulting in an environment that is typically designed without you in mind. You are a person with thoughts, feelings, needs and desires. You are more than a traffic flow issue, or a capacity problem, or a statistical data point. Predicting a user's behaviour is easier when you can empathise with other people and design according to their emotional responses.

Much like the design process, this project is a journey of discovery. We begin with the simple notion that cycling is an enjoyable form of transportation and many cities around the world recognize the benefits of cycling and have invested heavily in bicycle infrastructure to encourage more people to ride bikes. Yet, even though Tokyo already has a large cycling population it lacks quality bicycle infrastructure and officials often devise antagonistic bicycle policies.

This project is about figuring out where urban design in Tokyo fails to take into account the experiences of its cyclists. Why do municipalities and property owners fail to see the improved aesthetics and life affirming nature of human scale design brought about by liveable streets? Is it impossible to design an amazing cycling experience across a megacity like Tokyo? Is it just too hard to design with compassion?

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Listening To You

The Cycling Embassy of Japan in association with Studio Feyen and an independent urban transit consultant are in the process of creating a multimedia documentary of cycling in Tokyo. We need your help to make this happen. Our goal is to interview foreign cyclists about their experiences on the streets of Tokyo and build a better understanding of the good , the bad, and the ugly.

On the one hand your interview will help us discover key points to investigate in the documentary and on the other hand it will help with an ongoing study being conducted by researchers so they can analyze and share their findings.

Cyclists know their city better than anyone else. Talking with you about urban design, your commuting struggles, and your future cycling hopes and dreams will help bring us closer to a solution.

A city designed with you in mind.

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Thank You

We appreciate that you took the time to fill out the form and are willing to share your thoughts and opinions with us. If you need more information about this project revisit this page as we will continue to update it as the project moves forward.

Or drop us a line at cycling.embassy.jp@gmail.com

The Cycling Emassy of Japan